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These are actual reviews from Brides who have had the

Odyssey experience.

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submissions to our website.


Odyssey does not require brides to post positive reviews as a part of their contract. Many entertainment companies do. We feel that is not the right way to do business. These reviews were posted because the bride's were happy with our service and wanted to share their experience.

From Jaclyn S. on


Dave Drummond with Odyssey Mobile is AMAZING! Dave helped manage the timeline of our reception from the moment we arrived to when we walked out the door, everything from toasts, games and first dances. It was so nice not having to worry about anything but having fun and enjoying the moment. We gave him some guidance during our planning session, but we didn’t want to give him a playlist, trusting our DJ to play what he thought our guests would want to hear next. It was the best decision yet, our family and friends were on the dance floor all night! And would have stayed longer if we could have! If you are looking for a DJ in the Louisville area I would highly suggest Dave. He has years of experience in the wedding industry and knows how to run a party!!

From Zac W. on


Dave was great! The thing that I liked most about Dave was that he made sure my wife and I didn't have to worry about coordinating the wedding and reception. We decided to save money by not hiring a wedding coordinator, and we were lucky that our DJ served both roles. He was excellent at making sure things were going on schedule, but he also made sure we had a great time dancing and playing fun games. He listened to our wants (and the wants of our families) and made sure those were incorporated into the night. I highly recommend Odyssey Mobile Entertainment, especially if you want somebody who will make sure your night goes smoothly and without worry.

From Holly C. on


Dave did such a fantastic job at our wedding this last August! We were extremely pleased with his organization and natural way of keeping things flowing at the right pace. Everyone loved the music and I have had many compliments since. The only downfall to our amazing day was the heat and Dave did a fantastic job at keeping everyone's minds off the heat and still had everyone dancing on the dance floor! We truly could not have asked for a better DJ and entertainer to help keep our day as perfect and special as it was. Thank you again Dave, we highly recommend you to everyone!! :) - Holly & Corey

From Bridgett K. on


There are not words to describe the value of a good DJ. Dave was so easy to work with and made sure that our wedding was exactly what we wanted. He literally was perfect for us and was willing to travel to our venue as well as meet with us via phone. The day of, he made us feel comfortable and was able to adapt to the day. It also helps that his voice naturally sounds like an announcer. You cannot go wrong with Odyssey.

Review from Virginia B. (Mother of the Bride) on FIVE STARS *****

Dave traveled out to Edmond, OK to provide the entertainment during the ceremony and reception for my daughter's wedding. People thought I was nuts to book him and pay more than someone local. But if you don't believe it, you need to - The biggest memory your guests will have from your wedding is the reception. (And it will make or break the way the recall it.) Dave takes control of the whole event for you, even coordinating with the venue and your other vendors to ensure that everything goes smoothly. He keeps your guests on the dance floor. I had SO many guests come up to me that evening and the next day as we saw people departing from the hotel, and say that my daughter's wedding was the best wedding/reception they had ever attended! Guests could not quit raving about how great the DJ was. (2 weeks later guests were still talking about it!) I can't say enough about how pleased we were with Dave's services. Odyssey Mobile Entertainment was the best choice we could have made! You and your guests will have the best memories of your event by having Dave of Odyssey Mobile Entertainment as your music host!



Dave with Odyssey Entertainment was an exceptional DJ for an affordable price! My husband and I have been to MANY weddings where the DJ just plays the music, doesn't respond to the crowd, and doesn't run the show well. We were looking for someone to do just that..."run the show." Our wedding reception is a time for us to enjoy the services of our vendors and celebrate our big day...not stress about the timing of things, the mood of the guests, etc. Dave took all of that stress off of us and went above and beyond our expectations. He communicated with us well ahead of time and discussed our likes/dislikes, our timeline, etc. He gave suggestions when I asked for them and was flexible with our requests and changes. The day of, he worked with our other vendors to make everything perfect and reminded me that he had everything under control, even when our entrance was delayed. Dave's professionalism did not go unnoticed; he greeted guests as they came into our cocktail hour and directed them to the gift table and appetizers. He kept people on the dance floor and played our favorites. Many guests complimented us on our selection of DJ! I highly encourage you to meet with and consider Odyssey Entertainment for your special day! He sure made our day wonderful! :)

From Caitlyn R. on


Dave Drummond with Odyssey Mobile Entertainment is an expert DJ for Weddings! It was truly unbelievable to see him in action. It was obvious he is very comfortable and knowledgeable within the Wedding industry. Not only did he provide music, he also basically coordinates everything from start of reception to the moment the bride/groom leave! He coordinates the Bridal Party's entrance once they return from taking photos...he moves from table to table to dismiss for buffet, he announces Cake Cutting, First Dance, Mom/son & Father/daughter dance, garter toss, bouquet toss....and all other special types of requests or celebrations you plan to have. He meets with you prior to the wedding to be sure he understands what you want and to review the timeline. I can't say money spent! You will not be disappointed!

Perfect Night!

Paige D from


Dave was absolutely amazing for our wedding reception in July! He was so accommodating and met with us ahead of time to perfect everything for the big day. He was patient and very knowledgable about running a smooth reception. Dave was willing to meet with us for two hours to plan out the whole reception. During the reception, ourselves and our parents were able to completely relax and enjoy the night because Dave had full control and ran the night! It was AMAZING! Not only was Dave so helpful, he was also very entertaining. He kept our guests engaged all the way from the cocktail hour until the very last song (about 7 hours!) We have had so many of our guests say, "Your DJ was the best DJ we have ever heard!" or "Your reception was so much fun because your DJ played awesome music!" According to our guests, our reception was "one of the best" and we owe a lot of that to Dave! We have already had people request him and we have referred other engaged couples to Dave. He made our night so special and perfect!


Angelene D from


I first saw Odyssey Mobile Entertainment at my cousin's wedding and thought when I get married I have to have it. Dave really feels out the crowd and not only plays music that fits but he really interacts with the crowd. One of my favorite things he does is the shoe game... Hilarious and great for the crowd to see the happy couple interact! I would highly recommend this business to everybody!!


Lindsey G from


DJ Dave is absolutely AMAZING!!!!!!!! He had DJ'd a couple of my family's weddings before so I knew first thing after I picked my date that I was to contact him!! By the luck of God he was open and crazy enough he recognized my name from the previous weddings!! It made me feel even more special when he was the first to ask me if my grandma was going to dance, a ritual from my previous families weddings!!!! Let's just say I fell in love from that moment on! We met a little bit before the wedding and we went over the whole ceremony from start to finish and then on to the reception! He was asking me what songs for different parts I never even dreamed of!! He would just build off an idea I had and it was like he was reading my mind!! He is not only a DJ either, I think he should go into wedding coordinating too because he was all the time walking around and making sure I was ready for the next big event!! I absolutely LOVED DJ Dave and so did my husband and everyone else at that reception! He kept the dance floor popping ranging the music from all eras that everyone would enjoy dancing too!! Our big day was not only amazing because I married the man of my dreams, but also amazing because DJ Dave turned it into the most memorable night of our lives!

Amazing Party, Wonderful DJ!

Kathryn B from


Dave was my wedding DJ and he was FANTASTIC! He is so well organized; this was a huge comfort to me while I was working and planning a wedding at the same time. I never had to wonder if my music was going to go alright. He also knows this business inside and out... he asked questions about things I never thought about and suggested things I didnt realize I would want at my wedding. During the event, he kept everything moving smoothly. And it was a blast!! Furthermore, Dave was kind of like a mini wedding coordinator, helping to welcome guests, coordinate cake cutting and even keeping me and my groom aware of our timeline. I've gotten nothing but compliments from my guests and my parents couldn't stop raving about him. If he has your wedding date open, book him now! I highly recommend him!

Most Amazing DJ

Ashley M from


I went to a bridal show where I saw Dave set up and playing his music for everyone there. What caught my attention was how he was in the aisle way with those walking around and dancing with people that passed by..Right away I knew he had a great personality and enjoyed what he did. I went to speak with him and sure enough I was right. I knew right then and there he was going to be my DJ at my wedding! The day of the wedding he was on time and setting up and had everything under control. While me and my girls were getting ready and taking photos outside he played us some music to help get us pumped up and he did great with our photographer and got along with everyone he came in contact with! At the reception he knew just how to get everyone up and dancing and balanced the table and wait line for the food and didn't miss anything that was asked of him. He made our wedding a blast! I would highly recommend him for everything no matter if it wasn't a wedding..if anyone asks me about a DJ he will be the first and only one I would recommend. I couldn't be any happier to have such a great DJ at our wedding.



Thanks to Dave, we could not have had a more PERFECT reception!! He was absolutely amazing! Not only was he extremely accommodating (he listened to and honored every request that we had) but he literally set the tone for our evening! All of our guests had a great time and loved the music! Dave had almost everyone out of their seats and on the dance floor, which is exactly what we hoped for. He and my dad even worked together to throw in a few surprises, like 2 screens that played a collection of photos of my dad and I when I was little during our father-daughter dance, and pictures of my husband and I the rest of the evening. Dave surprised us on his own with a few things that had our guests completely engaged and the room filled with laughter! HE wanted the reception to last longer himself! :-)

It was a night that we will never forget and Dave is a huge part of the reason that it went off without flaw! So thankful that we were able to have that experience and would absolutely recommend him to others! 



When my husband and I were looking up DJS in the Louisville area I will have to say it was a bit overwhelming! When we met Dave from Odyssey we knew he was going to be perfect. IT was an instant comfort. His personality and energy was awesome! I promise you will not be let down. We ordered the full package and had no regrets. The TVs were so much fun to play the pictures on. MY fiancé would randomly glance up at the tvs and laugh together at our kid pictures that popped up and to have music videos play during party time. IT went so well together. Dave made me as a bride feel like a million bucks on my day., he does a great job being aware of the photographer too! which is SO key! ... his personable warm will assure you that he can be trusted. We had a blast at our wedding and so did our guest. WE had several compliments on our DJ and wanted his information. He gets involved in the audience and really tunes in to the atmosphere. We had a lot of laughs with Dave! IF your looking for a DJ that will entertain and play awesome music I promise you wont be let down. And on another note this is the first review I have ever done for anything on the web. He was that great and I want other brides to know this too!



There is no one better than Dave! I can say with 100% certainty that our wedding would not have been as amazing as it was without Dave as our DJ! One month later and our guests are still talking about how much fun they had! The music was perfect and he even threw in a fun game that everyone enjoyed! He makes everything run smoothly and he's so easy to work with! At the reception, he took charge and always gave us a heads up when something was about to take place (cake cutting, first dance, etc.). You won't regret choosing him as your DJ!



Dave made our reception. Every single guest agrees; he was amazing. He made the planning so calm (I didn't have a coordinator) and clearly knows what he is doing. We had around 120 guests at Gardencourt at the Louisville Seminary. He welcomed all of our guests and showed them around. When we arrived, he made sure we were taken care of by the caterer and let us know how time was running in a completely none stressful way. He gave us such a fun introduction, completely controlled how everyone moved through the buffet line, did a wonderful job of introducing and managing each of the necessary reception functions (cake cutting, toasts, dances), and made sure we had the most fun possible during the dancing portion. None of our friends left the dance floor! In fact, Dave will be on the floor with you and even helps teach popular dances. He is truly wonderful, completely affordable, and well worth every penny. Definitely book him if you want a fun reception that you and everyone you love to truly enjoy:)


My husband and I could not be HAPPIER with all that Dave (Odyssey) did for us on our wedding day. He took care of the wedding ceremony music and the reception music. He was so easy to talk to and work with prior to wedding and wanted to make sure that EVERYTHING was exactly what we wanted!

He went beyond any of our expectations. From finding obscure songs that we wanted to teaching parents, grandparents and other family and friends "The Dougie" and other popular dances. No matter what was thrown Dave's way, he handled everything smoothly and most importantly, my husband and I were completely at ease and able to enjoy our AMAZING night and celebrate.

As a bride who planned our wedding without any type of coordinator, it was wonderful to have Dave take control of the flow of the reception and make sure we stayed on our timeline! One less stress for me that night!! :))

We would definitely reccomend Odyssey Mobile Entertainment to any brides and grooms!!! You can't go wrong if you use Odyssey and Dave!!!

From's local wedding boards

Posted on

Bride: Miranda


     I just used Odyssey for my wedding on March 31st and Dave did an amazing job! He had a screen flashing pictures of my husband and I all night and used it to show music videos once the dancing started. He was so easy to work with and really contoured the day to fit what I wanted out of it and had some great suggestions on aspects that I was unsure of, even if they didn't have anything to do with the music (like my floor plan!). I did not have a Day of Coordinator and Dave kept the night flowing so smoothly and made sure everyone knew where everything was (food, bar, restrooms, etc) and made sure we got to all of the important stuff like the toasts and garter toss without me having to keep track of anything. I got so many compliments from guests on how much they enjoyed him and he was able to get people out there dancing that I have never seen dance in my life! I highly recommend Odyssey Mobile Entertainment! I know my perfect reception would not have been as fun if we had not had Dave there leading the way!

From the Bride's Mother, Rita

submitted to our website

Bride: Tiara


          Thanks to Dave for allowing me to relax and enjoy my daughter's wedding reception. He coordinated everything from the introductions to a special "11:11 Make A Wish" countdown at 11:11PM. The guest were entertained not only by music but also a photo montage of the bride and groom. Music videos and dance floor lights added to the chic club like atmosphere. Not your ordinary DJ, Dave danced with the guests and gave instructions for current dances. Music selection was great. We had everything from big band to top hits and the dance floor was always filled. Everyone kept asking "Where did you find him"? Thanks for such an enjoyable night.

Dave brought the Party!

posted on


Bride: Lisa

             We found Dave at a Bridal show when we were drawn by his display of music videos. We immediately liked his personality. My husband calls it "good mojo". Dave was a pleasure to work with and made wonderful suggestions for key moment songs and was very accomodating for our specific song selections of lesser known artist. It was wonderful to be able to let go and have a good time at the reception knowing that Dave had it all under control. He kept the dance floor hopping and ushered our guests to the buffet perfectly! I truely didn't have to worry about a single thing. From our introduction, cake cutting, dinner, first dance to last call, Dave had the party in the palm of his hand. Our guests loved his music vidoes too! I highly recommend Odyssey Mobile Entertainment.

Best DJ Service in Louisville - HANDS DOWN !!!

posted on

Bride: Megan


           I cannot possibly say enough wonderful things about Dave and Odyssey! My husband (then fiance') and I had been to several weddings before seeing Odyssey for the first time. Most of these weddings had DJ's that were very predictable and boring. Then we saw Dave. He took control of my friend's entire reception. He ran the show! When it came to party time, we had never seen better. We knew we had to have Odyssey for our reception. We booked Dave and Odyssey the next day. When it came time for our reception, we couldn't have been more pleased. Dave goes above and beyond what you would ever expect. He truly does run the entire night. Our guests kept coming up to us and asking, "where did you find this guy, he's awesome"! His music choices couldn't have been more perfect. Our dance floor stayed packed all night. Anyone reading this and thinking about booking Odyssey needs to stop thinking and call them. If you use anyone else, you'll be wasting your money.

Dave Drummond

Owner / Entertainer

26 years experience

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